We make things simple for your customers

Explayner enhances the user experience for casino visitors. We do this by breaking down the complexities of modern casinos into simple, easy to understand parts. Subsequently we provide clear communication that anyone can understand. Our choice for the means of communication depends on what best serves the purpose. Some things are best explained with traditional means such as posters, booklets of flyers. In other cases we choose for digital solutions such as touchscreens, mobile apps, social media or digital signage. Of course we also take into consideration what kind of visitor we address, from non-experienced fun players to thrill seeking high rollers. In this manner we make sure that all visitors of your casino understand the various games on offer and feel like they are ready to play.

What Explayner can do for you

  • Win over doubting visitors
  • Explain complex games in simple terms
  • Reassure non-experienced players
  • Broaden the preference of experienced players
  • Make casino visits attractive to anyone

Contact info

Spaarnelaan 18
2012 RK Haarlem
the Netherlands

Arjan Korstjens
mobile +31 6 136 44 162


Game explanation
Holland Casino - The Netherlands
Game explanation
Grand Casino Luzern - Switzerland
360 degrees projection sign
Holland Casino - The Netherlands
Content production for Digital Signage
Holland Casino - The Netherlands